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Ron Pasquale started his career as an Account Executive with a major television production company in Boston. When he moved to Los Angeles he worked with that city’s homeless population mostly in an area nicknamed “Skid Row.” There he was first exposed to the countless number of veterans who were just trying to survive on the streets digging through dumpsters for food.

After a few years, he moved back to New England and began working with a homeless shelter onsite and providing outreach on the streets. Driving around the Boston in the dead of winter bringing food and blankets to a population huddled under bridges just trying to stay warm was an experience he says “I will never forget”.

He was then approached by a State Area Director to work with juvenile delinquents. For 15 years he grew in that agency and helped design, start, and direct community programs in the heart of Boston. Ron then began his own non-profit organization working with high-risk youth while, working at a Behavioral/Mental Health facility for drug addicts, alcoholics, and those experiencing mental health problems including PTSD, depression, and suicidal ideation. Once again, many of our nation’s veterans came through those doors. Helping people at their lowest and most vulnerable points in their lives is one of the most rewarding experiences one could asked for.

The next move was to Orlando where he began working as Program Manager with high-risk juveniles. It was all these years of experience that helped Ron transition from a veteran of the streets to work alongside the veteran heroes at the Camaraderie Foundation.