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Camaraderie Foundation Launches New Campaign During PTSD Awareness Month

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June 1, 2018 (Orlando, Fla.) – The Camaraderie Foundation announced today a $2 million fundraising campaign to reach 1,000 post-9/11 Veterans and/or family members who need counseling, emotional and spiritual support. The campaign, Saving Lives – Saving Families was purposely launched June 1, 2018 the start of Post-Traumatic Stress Awareness month.

Camaraderie Foundation Executive Director, Neftali Rodriguez says raising the $2 million is the organization’s goal and based on the average of $2,000 to assist each Veteran or family member.

“There are more than 76,000 post-9/11 Veterans living in Central Florida and approximately 25,000 of them will experience cognitive or readjustment issues when returning from deployment,” he stated. “With our current funding we can only assist  three hundred and that isn’t nearly enough based on our inquiries and asks. Our goal is help them all but we cannot do this without the support of our community leaders.”

The purpose of Saving Lives – Saving Families is to raise necessary funds and generate awareness for post-9/11 Veterans and their family members. As a result, the Camaraderie Foundation’s goal is to serve one thousand Veterans and/or their family members by December 31, 2019. “We are on a mission to engage more in the local community and collectively make a larger footprint,” said Rodriguez.

Since 2009, Camaraderie Foundation has provided community outreach to 6,086 Veterans and/or family members in 35 states and awarded over 1,026 counseling scholarships. Eighty-Two cents of every dollar raised is spent directly on its programs.

About Us
Camaraderie Foundation was founded in 2009 and is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to serve post 9/11 Veterans and their families through counseling, emotional and spiritual support. These programs alleviate stress associated with the transition from the battlefield back into society and bring awareness to mental health and suicide prevention. Camaraderie Foundation’s goal is to serve 1,000 Veterans by December 31, 2019. Healing the invisible wounds of war.

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