Mentor Leadership Program


Each year, Camaraderie Foundations partners with local business members in the Orlando Area to provide a leadership program to assist transitioning service members prepare for a career in the local community.  We provide this program free of charge to 15 highly qualified Veterans.

The Mentor Leadership Program annual initiative is based on the trust and understanding that is ingrained throughout Military Service Members.  Veterans have an understanding, code and bond that civilians do not fully understand as they have not served.  Through our Mentor Leadership Program, we offer the opportunity to build peer support, friendships, and guidance to help the Protégé Veterans become successful in their community.

Successful business leaders in Central Florida with prior Military service will serve as Mentors to selected Protégé Veterans at points of transition in their lives including: Veterans in college who will soon graduate, Veterans seeking new careers, and soon-to-be Veterans who will be transitioning soon.

The Mentor Leadership Program has the following outcome objectives:

    • Build networking skills
    • Establish business relationships
    • Create new friendships
    • Learn about local opportunities
    • Improve transition readiness level
    • Share the benefits and skills learned through participating in the program

To learn more contact Camaraderie Foundation Programs at 407-841-0071.