"The Mentor Leadership Program was a unique and rewarding experience.  The mentors are amazing, very committed, and will go beyond their responsibilities.  The Mentors went a step further and helped my son in a Shadowing Program and guided him through his career choices.  I am grateful for the opportunity and for all camaraderie foundation does for the veteran community."
Elmer RiveraMentor Leadership Program Class V Graduate
“Supporting our heroes and their families with a service that is difficult to come by after separation from military.”
Sara E.Former client, USA Veteran
“I am very impressed with Camaraderie’s dedication and support to the men and women that have served or are currently serving.  As a Veteran, being able to utilize the counseling component was very beneficial to my overall mental health.”
J.C.Former client, USAF
“Oh my gosh, thank you so, so much! You have no idea what this means for me and my family! I am so grateful and thankful for this.”
J.P.Current client, USA Veteran
“I hosted a CFC event back in October at NAWCTSD Orlando, and we spoke about your foundation. My wife and I have been able to use the foundation to help us. I just want to extend my gratitude and say thank you for telling me about the foundation. It has been great to us so far. Take care!”
D.D.Former client, Navy Veteran
“The Camaraderie Foundation has made it possible for returning veterans to get immediate and life changing counseling. Thank you for your generous investment in vets and their families.”
J.H.Former client, spouse USA Veteran
“Thank you so much Ruben! I am really glad for your program, and that it is available to some of my clients who really need the assistance and help! Your Program is such a blessing!”
Lisa Sullivan LPC
“ I wanted to express my gratitude to you all and everyone else at Camaraderie Foundation. The year that I spent in the Mentor Leadership program got me out of a very dark hole and has built up my self-worth and self-esteem!”
Arnaldo Silva Mentor Leadership Program Class IV Graduate
“I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you to Camaraderie Foundation for the invite to the Circus and Lake Butler.  It was a much-needed respite.”
The Owens Family
“Your program it is extremely helpful. I don’t know where I would be without Camaraderie Foundation.”
Current Client
“Thank you so much for your compassionate help to begin my treatment course. I sincerely appreciate your expertise & support for me, my Soldier, & our family.”
Susan F.Current Client, Spouse, USA Veteran
“I don’t have the words to express how thankful I am to everyone at The Camaraderie Foundation. They’ve helped us more in 3 months than the VA has in 11 years. You’ve given me a new outlook. You’ve given me hope. Most importantly you’ve given me my husband back. Thank you."
Maria C. Spouse, US Army Veteran
"Thank you, Camaraderie, for all you do for our great men and woman in the military. This is a group effort indeed, and we would not be able to serve them without your ongoing support. God bless you."
Dr. Eugenia Agard, DBH, LMHCHUGS
“You guys are a God send.”
Current ClientUS Marine Corp
“As a Veteran and mental health counselor, I greatly appreciate the work being done by The Camaraderie Foundation.”
Brian Murray, LMHC,Everyone’s Counseling Center
“Quick response and approval made a big difference. Camaraderie helped me to deal as caretaker and help me cope with his recovery. We are very thankful for this support that the VA is not providing.”
Darlene R. Cousin (Caretaker), US Marine Corp Veteran
“The Camaraderie Foundation provides a gift to families that we will be eternally grateful for. Without the Foundation and those that donate our story would’ve been cut short. We never would have been able to afford the counseling we received without the assistance of the foundation. It is a gift that can never be repaid and enough gratitude can never be shown. We are truly blessed to have had the privilege to benefit from such an amazing foundation …”
Jereme and Vanessa T. US Army Veteran
“I just wanted to share something really sweet that my son shared with me, after his first counseling session: My son and I were walking out of the office and the first thing he said was, “that wasn’t so bad” and on the ride home he said, “that man was really nice”, and of course he was smiling the entire time. Thought you all would enjoy a compliment from an 8 year old kid. Thanks for all that you all do! “
Sheri B,Spouse, US Army Veteran
“Just letting you know that counseling is going great and I couldn’t have done it without this organization’s help, so I am saying thank you and continue to bless other service members/families & help diminish the war on PTSD.”
Current ClientUS Air Force
“I am so grateful to the Camaraderie Foundation for providing this opportunity for healing to the veterans. I see how significantly their lives have been affected by the service they provided for all of us and have the utmost respect for this sacrifice. Please let me know if I can be of service in the future.”
Patti Hall, LMHC,CAC,CSAT New Leaf Center
“I would just like to say thank you for helping us find the therapist. I would highly recommend her to other Vets, she does outstanding work. Along with what you guys do to help Veterans……thank you, thank you, appreciate everything.”
Former ClientNavy Veteran
“I am very grateful for the sensitivity your staff showed initially. You displayed an understanding that I’ve found to be unusual. You helped us and ultimately our marriage was saved as a result.”
Basil H US Army Veteran
“I was able to use the services provided by the Camaraderie Foundation (counseling) and I’m a whole new person because of you guys. I suffered from PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. Now, I’m on my way to becoming a small business owner :)”
Michelle B US Air Force Veteran
“Thank you, Camaraderie, for bringing people together with same or similar problems. It brings this community together. Having a day to spend with family without an argument or misunderstanding is great for the families you support.”
William VUS Army Veteran
"I called you a couple of years ago, and you hooked me up with Dr. Hernandez. The Camaraderie Foundation, Inc. saved my life by getting me to the therapist I needed, for ART, (Accelerated Resolution Therapy). You answered my 9-Line, and I'm alive to say Thank You."
David D
"Camaraderie Foundation provided the help the VA could not. I’m very happy and my mental health has improved quite a bit. Thank you!”
Sady G
“The Mentor Leadership Program is, in my opinion, an essential opportunity to make sure that you start your new phase as a civilian with advantages and insight that too many veterans are never afforded. Don’t pass the opportunity up.”
Barron Mills, Major, USMC (Ret)Mentor Leadership Class III Protégé