Medical Advisory Committee

Camaraderie Foundation’s Medical Advisory Councils is comprised of leaders in the Mental Health, Wellness and Spiritual communities. Council members provide Camaraderie Foundation with:

  • medical, scientific, and research expertise in the fields of mental, spiritual and physical health and that the mission is the primary focus throughout programs;
  • serve a key “advisory” voice to help Camaraderie Foundation ensure our services and programs are helpful and effective in the areas of policy and program development;
  • ensure the accuracy of public education materials;
  • and evaluate implementation of future programming efforts.

The council meets four times per year and will review the results of programming efforts and counseling program metrics. The council will provide recommended changes to existing programs as well as the design of future programming to yield high clinical results. As new therapies and treatment modalities emerge, the council will provide input on how they can impact our future programming.

The current committee members include:
Diego Hernandez Pic

Diego F. Hernandez, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Director Military Trial, ART
University of South Florida, College of Nursing, Research

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Jessica Gilstrap, LMHC Supervisor
Gilstrap and Associates
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Glenn Finch
Senior Practice Advisor/Shareholder
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Yolanda Harper, LCSW
Harper Therapy
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Doug Jackson
Douglas W Jackson LLC
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Ellsworth “Tony” Williams
Veterans Counseling Veterans Inc.
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